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Highlights from Texas QB commit Shane Buechele's first game

It wasn't the most efficient performance for Buechele, but he did show some serious toughness.

Shane Buechele
Shane Buechele
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Chipped tooth? No problem -- Texas Longhorns quarterback commit Shane Buechele of Arlington Lamar took a hit and lost part of one of his front teeth on Thursday in the season opener against Richland, but responded by throwing a touchdown pass on the next play.

The long touchdown pass helped Lamar hold off Richland for a 30-29 victory after the Vikings returned an intercepted two-point conversion attempt for the winning score. And though Buechele wasn't especially efficient in going 8-18 for 115 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception, he did enough to win, ever the bottom line for a quaarterback.

The first play in the above clip shows off Buechele's ability to keep his eyes downfield while vacating the pocket and directing traffic, then putting the ball in the perfect spot along the sideline so that only his receiver can come down with it. The following touchdown pass shows similar ball placement -- though the receiver has to adjust to it, Buechele put it in that spot to ensure that he would avoid a red-zone interception.

The first stop on Friday morning after the game? A dentist to get that tooth fixed.

More video of the game is available here.