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Source to FOX Sports: "There will be a big push" for Mack Brown as Texas AD

This would be a terrible idea.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If certain forces around the Texas Longhorns football program get their wish, former head football coach Mack Brown could become the next athletic director, according to a report from FOX Sports:

With president Greg Fenves expected to officially terminate athletic director Steve Patterson on Tuesday after less than two years on the job, the Longhorns will soon conduct another national search for his replacement.

There was speculation at the end of Brown's tenure at Texas that he could be in a position to replace his close friend, DeLoss Dodds. However, when Dodds retired while the embattled Brown was trying to hold onto his job, that disussion died down.

The Texas administration is dysfunctional enough at this point that coaches were calling members of the media to get more information on the impending termination of Patterson, so it's not hard to imagine a scenario in which Brown becomes the boss of Charlie Strong, the man who replaced him as the Texas head football coach.

But in what world does that make sense? Brown would fire Strong out of spite in a heartbeat.

That's not even the only reason it would be a terrible idea -- the Longhorns need someone with more administrative experience than Brown with several large projects pending, including the planning and construction of a new basketball arena and the south end zone reconstruction of the football stadium.

Why might this happen? Mega-donor Joe Jamail is still an extremely influential force at Texas and he's close with Brown, representing him when Brown was the head coach, so that's a decent bet as to where this push is coming from.

The Longhorns already made one bad hire at athletic director. There's no need to make another.