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Former Texas AD Steve Patterson says "I have agreed to step aside" in statement

In case you really wanted to hear more from the man headed out the door...

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

"I have agreed to step aside effective today," former Texas athletic director Steve Patterson said in a statement addressing his "resignation" late Tuesday.

The full text:

After considerable discussion, The University of Texas at Austin President, Gregory Fenves, and I have agreed that our great university will be best served by a new men's athletic director. Accordingly, I have agreed to step aside effective today. Change is never easy, but I have every confidence that UT Athletics will continue to thrive as it embraces the future. I want to thank President Fenves for the graciousness he has displayed throughout this process.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished in a relatively short period of time, including the historic addition of coaches in football and basketball, improvements to ticketing operations, facilities and other initiatives that will greatly benefit our Longhorn student-athletes and the many fans who care deeply about them. As a Longhorn myself, a graduate of the University and its law school, I want nothing but the best for my alma mater, and I wish President Fenves and everyone at UT-Austin well as we continue the journey. I leave behind a motivated and dedicated team committed to the world-class standards that all Longhorns expect.

I thank this team, our student athletes and the entire Longhorn family for having given me this opportunity to serve.

Hook 'em!

Sure sounds like a guy saving face, doesn't it?