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Texas LB Malik Jefferson on VY: "We gotta get his name outta here"

It's not about getting rid of the past, it's about moving forward into the future.

There's no question that the presence of former Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young still casts a heavy shadow over the football program in Austin.

That's simply the result of Young leading the Horns to the school's only national championship in football since 1970, now a span of 45 years.

But for freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson, that's a problem.

All due respect to VY, of course, but "we gotta get his name outta here," says the former consensus five-star prospect.

What does Jefferson mean?

"We have not made that change yet. Someone has to put their foot down and make that change."

When it does happen, the program will move out of what is quickly becoming the distant past and into a new era of Texas football defined by current success. With the timestamp on Young's exploits now expired on the recruiting trail, the Longhorns will only continue to fall behind the in-state competition unless that change happens.

Perhaps it will be Jefferson himself who helps facilitate it.