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Daily Round Up: A Fight In The CF Cafeteria!

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Read at your own peril.

Isn't this sweet?

Yes Cal, our player did a bad acting job, but then there's this. [Oregon Live]

The new AD is all in on Strong and Smart. [ESPN]

Shaka Smart is making in-home visits. [Fansided]

Mack Brown as UT fundraiser? [AAS]

This whole Bielema-Kliffykins cafeteria fight is just getting better! [SB Nation]

Was The Ohio State University saved from a Texas-like fall from football grace? [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

One place you won't find a woman? In an athletic director's office. [NY Times]

Please don't ever do this. Stay classy, Syracuse fans. [SB Nation]

Urban Meyer's last time at Florida wasn't pretty. [ESPN]

Southpark skewers Brady, Goodell and Deflategate. [Yahoo Sports]