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Big 12 supervisor admits "a few mistakes" in Texas-Oklahoma State game

Well, duh.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

With Texas Longhorns fans in an uproar after numerous questionable calls helped determine the outcome of Saturday's last-second loss to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Big 12 supervisor of officials Walt Anderson addressed the perceived issues with Alan Eck's crew on Monday evening.

"There were a lot of things that did happen in the game," Anderson told the Dallas Morning News Monday after reviewing the game.

"It was a tough game to work from an officiating standpoint. Overall, I was pleased with the way the guys worked. Three were a few mistakes -- and I emphasize a few -- and you want to learn from them."

While it's not the outright apology that many fans would prefer, it's no small things that he was willing to admit that the officials didn't get everything right in the game.

And though Anderson was not willing to identify any of the specific mistakes made by the crew, which included a former Texas A&M football player, he did take some time to explain the rules about defensive holding and unsportsmanlike penalties on coaches, two of the calls with which fans have had the most issues:

So, here's the defensive holding penalty called on Texas sophomore defensive tackle Poona Ford:

While he does briefly grab a handful of an opposing lineman's jersey, it doesn't seem to meet the standard of "visible material restriction."

The unsatisfactory explanations sparked a flurry of sarcastic tweets:

Feel free to add your own Walt Anderson jokes in the comments below.