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Texas TE signee Devonaire Clarington re-takes ACT

There's still some hope that Clarington could be in Austin soon.

Devonaire Clarington
Devonaire Clarington
Student Sports

The Texas Longhorns could still get key 2015 tight end signee Devonaire Clarington on campus this fall after he reportedly re-took his ACT test on Thursday:

In addition to the Miami product teasing the test on Wednesday night, Horns Digest reported that Clarington did indeed take the test ($) on Thursday and could get the results back quickly. The Austin American-Statesman previously reported that the 6'5, 238-pounder could re-take the test and enroll before the September 11 deadline.

The NCAA Clearinghouse took approximately a month to rule on Clarington's future after flagging his ACT score of 26 as out of line with his other academic performance. After conflicting reports emerged about the hold up and Texas head coach Charlie Strong expressed optimism at getting him into school, the NCAA ruled that it would not accept Clarington's score, forcing him to take the test again.

Initially, it appeared that he wouldn't be able to do so until September 12, the day after the drop-dead date at Texas to get into classes. However, that changed when the NCAA allowed him the opportunity to re-take the test more than a week earlier.

A consensus four-star prospect and the No. 7 tight end nationally, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings, Clarington was a key piece of the 2015 class because of his size and versatility as a receiver. Following the injury to sophomore Blake Whiteley and several failed position changes, the need for Clarington became even more pronounced.

If he doesn't receive the necessary score, he's said that he'll enroll in a prep school in hopes of making it to Texas at some point in the future.