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Texas DC Vance Bedford: "We're close, but right now close gets you beat"

The Longhorns defensive coordinator was in typically fine form on Wednesday afternoon.

For Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford, close isn't good enough for the Horns.

"We're close, but right now close gets you beat," Bedford said on Wednesday. "We need to hit the center of the target. Let's go out and win."

While play caller Jay Norvell has a vision for the Texas offense, Bedford sees the whole team as one still seeking an identity:

To help establish that identity, Bedford said that the freshmen defensive backs will play more this week. Despite an identity as a coach who doesn't like to play freshmen, he also understands that those players are the future of the program and need playing time to develop.

Since redshirt freshman cornerback John Bonney has been struggling in coverage, the coaches have thought about playing him at safety, the position he was recruited to play in Austin. In more surprising news, Bedford said that senior cornerback Duke Thomas has also worked at safety in certain coverages.

Will either get a shot there in the near future? Bedford didn't indicate that was likely, but inserting the freshmen after Bonney struggled last week indicated that the defensive staff is willing to make personnel changes in the secondary.