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Texas DB coach Chris Vaughn now using drawing skills to recruit

Successful recruiting often requires taking advantage of every available tool.

After sending out barely-coded tweets about top Texas Longhorns recruiting targets last week, defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn is now using his impressive drawing skills in the hopes of swaying imporrtant prospects:

The tweeted drawings came hours after defensive coordinator Vance Bedford praised Vaughn for his use of Twitter.

"He's young and clever," Bedford said. "I'm old and decrepit."

Vaughn typically reserves his drawing endeavors for the offseason, when he likes to sketch athletes like former players and school greats like Vince Young and Ricky Williams. The results are actually quite good -- Vaughn is a certainly a talented artist:

ricky williams sketch

Longhorn Network screenshot

When current players find out about Vaughn's drawing abilities, they often ask him for sketches of themselves. The Horns defensive backs coach typically declines, telling them to achieve some success first and thereby turning his skills into a motivation tactic.

Now maybe he'll change his mind and offer to sketch players if they ink with the Horns on National Signing Day.