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Texas Longhorns currently rank last nationally in total offense

Here, have some context to feel even worse about the abysmal offensive showing by the Longhorns in South Bend.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns fans, brace yourselves for a shocker -- the Horns have the worst offense in the country, at least according to total offense after 120 teams have played season openers.

total offense 2015


With the advent of advanced metrics from places like Football Outsiders, raw, unadjusted stats like total offense have mostly gone the way of VHS, cassette tapes, and CDs. But early in the season, there aren't any advanced metrics and so total offense can still provide some perspective on overall offensive production.

Like everything else about the blowout by Notre Dame, the total offense numbers are terrible. The Horns are also currently tied for 115th nationally in total plays and 119th in yards per play, with only Kent State struggling more than Texas to open the season.

Credit to a Notre Dame defense that may prove to be one of the best that Texas faces this season, but the stats tell just as ugly of a tale as the game tape did on the first and second watches.