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Texas DC Vance Bedford challenges fans to attend Rice game

The Longhorns defensive coordinator didn't disappoint during his Wednesday availability.

Get Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford started on topics like the 15,000 seats that still remain for the home opener against the Rice Owls on Saturday and it's guaranteed that he will deliver a fantastic rant.

Such was the case on Wednesday:

In other news, Bedford and his wife got a Havanese puppy named Tiki, after the former New York Giants running back. Bedford doesn't like the name -- he wanted to name it Dogg. Regardless of the new pup's name, Bedford is intent on making sure it stays fed:

One of those freshmen who could receive more playing time is uber-confident cornerback Kris Boyd, who is already known for his trash talking and willingness to mix it up with anybody at any given time:

However, don't look for Boyd to start against Rice -- Bedford said that he doesn't plan on changing up any of his starters, which seemingly means that senior cornerback Duke Thomas will remain in the nickel position for which he seems ill-suited and redshirt freshman cornerback John Bonney will stay at the boundary spot where he struggled to maintain anything resembling close contact with the receivers he was tasked with defending.

And, of course, there was the weekly quarterback comparison and Bedford said that Driphus Jackson reminds him of Donovan McNabb, though he wasn't willing to use the name of the former Syracuse and Philadelphia Eagles signal caller.