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Former Texas HC Mack Brown feels no responsibility for current Longhorns struggles

Mack Brown is completely delusional.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many reasons why former Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown needed to go after the 2013 season was his complete and total disconnect from reality. A recent piece from the San Antonio Express-News proves that Brown hasn't exactly gained much perspective since his firing:

So Brown takes no responsibility for the current state of the Texas program. Okay. Let's take a look at that.

Another report came out on Wednesday that an AFC executive sees no pro prospects on the Texas roster at this time following the debacle in Notre Dame, meaning that Brown left new head coach Charlie Strong with no one worthy of playing in the NFL.

"Vince Lombardi couldn't do anything with the guys they have on offense."

The rest of the season may prove that executive wrong, particularly in the case of junior defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway, but even then, the lack of NFL prospects is completely on Brown.

Let's look at the offensive line. Why are there two true freshmen starting? Because a lot of the highly-rated guys that Brown recruited like Curtis Riser, Darius James, Rami Hammad, Desmond Harrison, and Camrhon Hughes all flamed out. That's completely on Brown, especially after he and his staff inexplicably decided that the program didn't really need to take any offensive linemen in the 2013 class.

Let's look at the quarterback position. Brown bungled numerous recruitments, as well-chronicled in every corner of the internet, with the choice of Tyrone Swoopes over JT Barrett the final insult to Texas fans desperate for competent play at the position. Whose fault is it that Swoopes was the only option when David Ash went down last season?

Let's look at the 2013 recruiting class. Filled with decommitments that led the thin-skinned Brown to ban commits from taking other visits, the class featured only 15 signees and two years later, seven of them are gone due to injuries, dismissals, or transfers. Whose fault was it that many of them couldn't follow the five simple core values set forth by Strong? It certainly isn't Strong's fault. It's not Strong's fault that so many recruits saw a sinking ship in Austin and didn't want to go down with it.

And, finally, let's talk about what Brown inherited when he arrived in Austin. There was a plucky freshman quarterback by the name of Major Applewhite. There was a dreadlocked running back named Ricky Williams who had a decent season. There were a couple reasonably talented defensive tackles named Casey Hampton and Shaun Rogers. A young cornerback named Quentin Jammer. An offensive tackle named Leonard Davis.

Brown wants to take credit for the success he had in 1998, but in reality he owes all of it to Mackovic, especially after his own developmental track record proved to be so poor at the end of his career.

The bottom line is that Mack Brown still doesn't get it and his absolutely total and complete cluelessness is exactly why the Texas program is in terrible shape right now. Get woke and take some responsibility for your failures.