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Texas Longhorns RB Chris Warren has a message for recruits

In-state recruits are the lifeblood of the Longhorns program and the breakout Texas running back wants them to stay close to home.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There's less than a month left until National Signing Day and the Texas Longhorns are trying to generate momentum to finish strong, so sophomore running back Chris Warren weighed in with a message directed towards recruits:

Warren and super recruiter Malik Jefferson will have a chance to make some in-person pitches to several important targets this weekend when close to 20 prospects make their way to Austin for official visits.

Around this time last year, the top-10 running back nationally was trying to decide whether he was going to remain in Texas or head to the Pacific Northwest, where his father was a successful running back with the Seahawks. After deciding to become a Longhorn following a coin flip, Warren battled through ankle injuries to break out late in the year after D'Onta Foreman and Johnathan Gray went down with injuries, rushing for 276 yards and four touchdowns against Texas Tech and breaking the 100-yard mark in the finale against Baylor.