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Texas president Greg Fenves makes appearance at big visit weekend

This is how to demonstrate support for the program and the head coach.

Greg Fenves
Greg Fenves
Courtesy of UT-Austin

President Greg Fenves is providing another assist to head coach Charlie Strong on Saturday as the Texas Longhorns host 19 official visits for a key weekend in the 2016 recruiting cycle:

After offensive coordinator target Sonny Cumbie had no one around to answer similar questions when he visited Austin in December, Fenves had to help bail out Strong and the program by flying with athletic director Mike Perrin and tight ends coach Jeff Traylor to help Strong land Tulsa co-offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert.

Now he's not waiting for the last minute to help out Strong and his staff in what could become a crucial move as speculation still surrounds Strong's job security past the 2016 season.

Answering questions for one prospect and his parents may be particularly important, as star Aldine Davis linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch came to campus wanting answers about the quarterback position and Strong's future in Austin.

Saying the right things in the latter category could be the difference between getting him in burnt orange or losing him to Notre Dame or Texas A&M.