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Texas CB target Eric Cuffee rips INT away from WR in Under Armour game

The Waco high star looks like he's ready to ride.

There are moments in football in which it becomes obvious that a cornerback wants the football more than the wide receiver.

So it was at the 2016 Under Armour All-America game when Waco cornerback Eric Cuffee, the top target for the Texas Longhorns at the position, ripped away an interception on Saturday in Orlando to provide one of the game's top highlights:

The 6'0, 188-pounder wanted to announce during the game, but was not able to secure a television spot to do so, according to multiple reports. So, of course, Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson weighed in, as he had earlier in the day when his friend Jean Delance committed at the game:

It doesn't seem like that's likely to happen on Saturday with the game having come and gone.

Once considered an A&M lean after numerous visits to College Station throughout the fall, Texas is surging after the recent struggles for the Aggies and now Cuffee looks like a lock to end up in burnt orange when he makes his decision.

In fact, his 247Sports Crystal Ball has been trending heavily in favor of the Longhorns in recent days:

eric cuffee crystal ball

So it's time to put one of the state's top cornerbacks on commitment watch.

let's ride