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Texas coaches visit 4-star LB target Jeffrey McCulloch

And everyone present had themselves a feast.

Jeffrey McCulloch with Charlie Strong and Brian Jean-Mary
Jeffrey McCulloch with Charlie Strong and Brian Jean-Mary
via @jmcculloch17

With an important visit to see the Texas A&M Aggies looming this weekend, Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong and linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary headed to Houston to hold an in-home visit with 2016 Under Armour All-American linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch on Thursday evening.

Presumably, those big smiles aren't just from the feast the group partook in:

The timing of the in-home visit from Strong and Jean-Mary is interesting -- he opted to try to consolidate the momentum generated from having McCulloch on campus last weekend and around most of the commits and many of the top targets remaining instead of waiting to have a more final word after McCulloch takes his last visit.

At this point, there's no particularly legitimate reason to question Strong's recruiting strategies as he's managed to bury most of the memories of last season's disappointment and the roller coaster offensive coordinator search that followed.

The Aggies have gotten back into this recruitment a bit with McCulloch canceling his planned trip to Alabama and need some help at linebacker that would likely provide McCulloch an easier path to see the field than with the Longhorns.

However, don't underestimate the recruiting ability of Jean-Mary, the Texas recruiting coordinator and rainmaker from the 2015 recruiting class. Named the 247Sports Big 12 Recruiter of the Year, Jean-Mary finished No. 7 nationally in that service's rankings after serving as the primary recruiter for Malik Jefferson, DeAndre McNeal, Anthony Wheeler, and Cameron Townsend.

There's also the Houston connection that is trending in favor of Texas and the presence of Malik Jefferson in burnt orange -- the Predator and the Shark would make quite the pair of running partners for the Longhorns at linebacker.