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Report: Texas Longhorns raised $42.2 million in athletics donations in 2015

UT-Austin ranks fourth nationally in sports fundraising.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns struggled on the field in 2015, but fared pretty well when it comes to donations made to the athletics department.

According to a report from the Chronicle of Higher Education, the 'Horns brought in $42.2 million last year, fourth nationally. Combining nearly 400 colleges surveyed, the amount was $1.2 billion. More than half of that total came from just the top 20 programs.

Here's a breakdown of the top 10, led by Texas A&M:

Texas A&M University              $66,987,139
University of Oregon                $53,698,089
University of Michigan             $51,717,862
University of Texas at Austin   $42,234,883
Texas Christian University       $38,319,614
Kansas State University          $34,369,836
Auburn University                    $31,739,556
University of Washington         $30,730,210
University of Notre Dame        $30,461,237
University of Kansas               $28,934,681

The Aggies have been aggressively raising money for renovations to Kyle Field, while Oregon launched a $400 million campaign for athletics facilities last year. Overall, the Longhorns remain very well-funded despite reports that former athletic director Steve Patterson alienated many donors, one of the critical factors in his termination after less than two years.

With a Longhorn alum in Mike Perrin now heading up the athletic department and several large projects looming in the near future, the hope is that the donations made to the athletic department continue to increase.