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Texas early enrollee Demarco Boyd holds signing ceremony at high school

The younger Boyd is ready to ride.

Demarco Boyd
Demarco Boyd
via @demarco_boyd

Texas Longhorns early enrollee Demarco Boyd has already signed his financial aid papers and will enroll in Austin next week, but that didn't stop him from holding a signing ceremony at Gilmer on Wednesday morning:

One of the negatives for prospects who enroll early is that they're already on campus on National Signing Day and don't get hold ceremonies when they officially sign their National Letters of Intent in early February.

While that might seem like a small thing looking in from the outside, it's the moment when prospects get to put their entire high school career behind them and officially move on to the next big stage in their lives. It's the culmination of all their hard work and effort, so it's nice to see Boyd be able to enjoy that experience and the recognition of his accomplishments before he joins his older brother, sophomore cornerback Kris Boyd, and former high school coach Jeff Traylor at Texas.

The 5'11, 228-pounder is ranked as a consensus three-star prospect and considered the No. 524 player nationally, the No. 20 inside linebacker, and the No. 79 player in the state of Texas. He committed on January 30, 2015, shortly after two big pledges of his older brother and Holton Hill, over offers from Florida State and Texas A&M.

Though Boyd is officially classified as an inside linebacker, his lack of prototypical size could result in him playing fullback for the Longhorns. Wherever he ends up, he will arrive at Texas after a spectacularly productive high school career on both sides of the football:

let's ride