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Daily Round Up: Did Strong Dis Big 12 Teams?

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Swimming in a cesspool isn’t easy. Baker Mayfield finally got a win against Texas and Kirk Herbstreit thinks our program is a mess.

Strong believes he is the right guy for the job. He knows the stakes and knows what will happen if he doesn’t turn the season around. "I said to somebody the other day that what we have going here is that the players are still with us," Strong told in a wide-ranging interview on Monday. "Now, if we had the players complaining, we'd be in trouble. And the parents, too. I get text upon text upon text from parents telling me to hang in there and that they're praying for me and that their son came here to play for me.

Texas big cigars are just a phone call away. "I know the guys to keep in touch with, and I do," Strong told on Monday. "They've been great and always want to know if there's anything they can do to help.”

Did Strong just dis Baylor and TCU? When Strong commented on the widespread use of spread offenses in the Big 12, he pointed out that TCU was able to achieve despite having "lesser athletes."

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Baylor being Baylor. Baylor coach Jim Grobe disputes the school’s official version of a player’s dismissal from the team. The school dismissed the player but Grobe only suspended him.