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Daily Round Up: Expansion Is Dead

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NCAA Football: Big 12 Conference-Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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The Horns know it is time to grow up. “I’ve been having player meetings since I was 18 here. I mean, nothing else can be said. It’s time for people to grow up and be men. That’s really all I can say.” - Paul Boyette Jr.

To Expand Or Not To Expand, That Was The Question

The expansion discussion was a complete waste of everyone’s time. In July, the conference said they were open to expansion and they starting taking resumes.

It comes down to money. “The purpose of the payment would be to eliminate the pro rata clause in the TV contract—which the TV officials consider a loophole—that enables the league to receive nearly $25 million annually for every school it adds. The willingness of ESPN and Fox to discuss paying to eliminate that clause and end future potential expansion drama in upcoming years makes not expanding the most likely conclusion.”

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Purdue has joined the coaching carousel. The school fired Darrell Hazell Sunday after Saturday's 49-35 loss to Iowa.

Happy belated birthday to Uncle Bill. Bill Snyder is 77 this year and he wants to get to that 200-win milestone.

Don’t you love it when a big guy scores a TD?