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Daily Round Up: Basketball Is A Sleeping Giant

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oklahoma Practice Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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It starts with confidence. “Everything begins with confidence, and when you play well and you play an opponent like Iowa State, then you go out and play well on defense, it gives the players confidence," Strong said.

It’s time to get defensive about Manhattan. There were lots of questions about the defense in Strong’s weekly press conference.

Shaka Smart is just getting started. Texas is stocked with blue-chip talent the team is a sleeping giant.

Kerwin Roach Jr. and Eric Davis Jr. were placed on the SI’s list of “projected breakout scorers.”

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The Big 12 has a black eye. The conference should expand to survive. “We all know Texas and Oklahoma will not only survive, but thrive. We know that because they are the kingpins of the Big 12. They are the brand names. Probably the only brand names, which again speaks to the need for growth.”

Iowa State’s AD gave a candid interview about Monday’s decision not to expand. "The Big 12 exists because we have Texas and Oklahoma in the room. If we take Texas and Oklahoma out of the room, we're the Mountain West Conference, and we're getting $3 million (a year in TV revenue).”

Deloss Dodds: Texas will survive.

The Big 12 has a history of backroom deals and it all began with Deloss Dodds. “The Big 12 sprang full-blown, more or less, from the mind of Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, who began talking about the concept of a Big Eight/partial Southwest Conference alliance with his Oklahoma counterpart, Donnie Duncan, in the early 1990s.”

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