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What Texas has done after turnovers in games has been about as bad as it can be

Warning: This is ugly.

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Through seven games, the 2016 Texas Longhorns have forced nine turnovers favor while giving up nine of their own. Unfortunately, Texas has done little to capitalize on the turnovers its gained while giving up a lot after the turnovers its lost.

Sitting with an even margin, the ‘Horns are currently tied at 55th nationally and sit at No. 5 in the conference in turnover margin per game.

The goal for every team, of course, is to live on the positive side of that margin throughout the season. But sitting with an even margin, or close to that, doesn’t automatically spell doom for a team. Just ask 7-0 Clemson (0.00 margin/gm), 5-2 Oklahoma (-.5 margin in conference play), and 6-1 Louisville (-.14 margin/gm).

Winning the turnover battle undoubtedly helps give a team a better chance to win. But what a team does directly after those turnovers, whether they’re lost or gained, is also just as important.

Texas after gaining turnovers = not good

On the nine turnovers the Longhorns have gained so far, they’ve resulted in a total of just three points, though one turnover gained occurred with nine seconds left in the win against Iowa State.

The only time Texas has been able to capitalize on a turnover by putting points on the board was against Oklahoma after an interception by Dylan Haines gave Texas the ball in the red zone at the Oklahoma 13-yard line.

That drive after the interception for Texas would stall further from the end zone than where it started by going four plays for a loss of three yards. The drive included two runs for two yards by Tyrone Swoopes in the 18-Wheeler package, a false start penalty, and an incomplete pass.

Had Texas not started within field goal range, the ‘Horns would have punted on fourth down instead.

Many of the other drives directly after the turnovers Texas has gained this season have also ended in disappointment and with next-to-nothing to gain.

Below are all nine turnovers, the game they occurred in, and the results of the Longhorns’ drives after the turnovers.

1) UTEP fumbles, then Texas is forced to punt (3 plays, -15 yards)

2) Oklahoma throws an interception, then Texas is forced to punt (3 plays, 1 yard)

3) Oklahoma throws an interception, then Texas makes a field goal (4 plays, -3 yards)

4) Oklahoma fumbles, then Texas is forced to punt (9 plays, 23 yards)

5) Oklahoma fumbles, then Texas throws an interception (3 plays, 8 yards)

6) Iowa State fumbles, then Texas recovers to end the game (9 seconds left in the game)

7) Kansas State fumbles, then Texas fails to convert a 4th & 3 on the KSU 26 yard line (8 plays, 54 yards)

8) Kansas State fumbles, then Texas fails to convert a 4th & 16 (4 plays, -6 yards)

9) Kansas State fumbles, then Texas misses a field goal to bring the game within seven points (9 plays, 35 yards)

Other than the three points against Oklahoma, Texas has posted a net of 97 yards, punted three times, failed to convert two fourth-down conversions, thrown an interception, and missed a field goal on the drives after it gains a turnover.

Capitalizing off turnovers has been about as bad as it can be.

Texas after losing a turnover = even worse

To make matters worse, the Longhorns have not done themselves any favors after committing turnovers of their own.

From the nine turnovers Texas has given up, opponents have scored a total of 44 points through seven games this season. The only teams that have failed to score a touchdown off a Texas turnover so far have been UTEP and Iowa State.

Below is a list of the turnovers Texas has committed and the results of their opponents’ drives.

1) Texas interception, Notre Dame touchdown

2) Texas fumble, UTEP punt

3) Texas interception, Cal touchdown

4) Texas interception, Cal touchdown

5) Texas interception, Oklahoma state touchdown

6) Texas fumble, Oklahoma touchdown

7) Texas interception, Oklahoma touchdown

8) Texas fumble, Iowa State field goal

9) Texas interception, Iowa State punt

An even turnover margin isn’t terrible — it’s actually just above the mean for college football teams this season, but what Texas has done after the turnovers it has gained and lost has been the terrible part.

Both the offense and defense are to blame as both have struggled after turnovers. I’m not so sure there’s any easy fix from a scheme standpoint for these issues. Maybe looking at the play calls and drives in each situation would tell us more.

But the mentality and focus of this Texas team after turnovers clearly has not been at the level it needs to be any time a turnover has occurred in the games it’s played in. So what this team does after turnovers has now become another issue the 2016 ‘Horns are having to deal with.

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