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Daily Round Up: Bear Hunting

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Texas v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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It’s bear hunting season. Texas up-tempo offense fizzles at times and the defense isn’t living up to the hype. So, our chances to beat Baylor are good, right?

The Horns will give Baylor some trouble. It’s system against system and the Bear defense may have some challenges.

Warning: Kirk Bohls’ article ahead. Texas has a laundry list of items to fix.

Is it better for Texas and Strong to just split up? It will cost Texas 11.2 million.

Mike Perrin’s support of Charlie Strong only goes so far.

Inside Texas has a great pre-season review of the men’s basketball team.

Kerwin Roach is going to have a large impact on the team this season. “Snoop has made really good progress in the year and change that he’s been here,” Smart said. “He’s just got to continue to mature and develop as a player and as a leader in terms of the way he interacts with his teammates and the way that he carries himself.”

Read Optional

Hiring and firing coaches can get expensive. College coaches are in the driver’s seat when it comes to contracts and the schools are taking on even more risk.

The Big 12’s long-term prospects are at issue. “Thumbing their nose at Houston, Cincinnati, BYU and others may have ultimately been the right call, but that didn’t solve the league’s overarching problem: Long-term stability.”