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Texas kicker Trent Domingue admits he was ‘extremely nervous’ before game-winning kick

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The graduate transfer got redemption for his miss last weekend despite feeling the pressure.

Baylor v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

With less than a minute remaining and the Baylor Bears clinging to a 34-32 lead over the Texas Longhorns, head coach Charlie Strong made sure that graduate transfer place kicker Trent Domingue had the ball on his preferred right hash mark.

In lining up for the first game-winning kick of his Texas career, Domingue said that he was feeling the pressure of the moment.

“I was extremely nervous,” he admitted. “As a kicker you’re not supposed to think don’t miss, but I was thinking don’t miss.”

After Domingue missed a 35-yard field goal against Kansas State with just over four minutes remaining and Texas trailing 24-14, there were some definite concerns about the former LSU kicker coming through.

Especially after missing four extra points this season, including three blocks in a half against Oklahoma State.

“I was ready to redeem myself because I knew that wasn’t me, that kick,” Domingue said.

He also had the confidence from executing in practice.

Lined up on the right hash mark just as he wanted, Domingue was true, and the ‘Horns defense was able to run out the final three quarters of a minute for the win.

“Well, we go through that every day, where I have him at the end of practice, I put the ball down and just have him go out there and kick,” Strong said. “Some days he's on, some days he isn't, and for him to hit it tonight, it was really big, and the players, they have so much confidence in him, and they believe in him so much.”

Protection issues between first-year deep snapper Jak Holbrook and the guards contributed to the problems against the Cowboys, but the interior of the line was able to execute against the Bears, including holder Trey Holtz.

Domingue was quick to thank them in the win’s aftermath.

“Honestly it started with the snap so I have to thank the snapper, Jak Holbrook, and Trey Holtz, the holder,” he said. “They do a phenomenal job. I have no worry about what they’re going to do. But yes right when it hit my foot I knew it was in.”

For a team that has lost so many close games under head coach Charlie Strong and for a kicker who has faced criticism about his consistency so far in burnt orange and white, it was a cathartic moment.

“Especially right there in that situation, but it feels good to redeem myself and hopefully we can take this momentum and win out,” Domingue said.