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Daily Round Up: Don’t Panic...Yet

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Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Trending Texas

Everything needs to be re-evaluated. Strong may be on the hot seat after the loss to OSU. AD Mike Perrin told a reporter after Saturday's loss: "We need to evaluate what happened here."

The Twitter rumor trail abounds. As usual, “sources” close to Bellmont are churning the waters. “A high-ranking Texas official said on Sunday night that Strong is "very close" to losing his job at the end of the season after back-to-back road losses to Cal and Oklahoma State.”

At least Strong is safe until the end of the season, according to a another “source” close to the athletic department.

All those missed tackles are driving Strong crazy. "That's what's driving me crazy. I said 'we have them stopped guys, we're just not tackling" ... just finish, just run through the guy."

As if we didn’t see this coming. Strong has taken over coaching defense and will simplify. Vance Bedford will coach the secondary.

Don’t panic; we still have eight games to go. “There’s still eight games left; we can still make a lot of noise. We are just as talented as anybody in this conference. We can go score on offense, we just need to get some stops and turnovers on defense and we’ll be fine. Let’s not just sit back and watch it fade in front of us. It’s all there in place for us.” - Charlie Strong

Read Optional

Supreme Court rejects the NCAA’s O’Bannon appeal. SCOTUS will not hear the appeal and that leave sthe lower court ruling in place. This decision will leave the NCAA open to more legal challenges already working their way through the courts.

College football is back to the 90s. The fashion was awful, but the football scene was great.

No one is panicking in Dallas just yet. But you can probably mark Chad Morris off your head coach want list.

Thoughts and good wishes go out to Sooner LB Tay Evans who is giving up football because of head injuries.