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Demoted Texas DC Vance Bedford’s Wednesday media availability cancelled

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No more rants. No more insight into the defense.

vance bedford 9/30
Vance Bedford
Texas athletics

If the decision by Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong to demote defensive coordinator Vance Bedford was necessary, if not overdue by a week, the news that the school cancelled Bedford’s weekly Wednesday media availability comes as a disappointment.

Not only was Bedford notoriously outspoken about subjects like fan support and uniforms, providing some excellent soundbites in those categories, he actually provided insight into the defense.

He was honest about the areas in which specific players needed to grow. And despite complaints about a lack of accountability from Bedford, he was never afraid to admit his own mistakes as a coach, doing so up until his demotion.

As a Texas alum and standup person by every account, Bedford’s coaching career with the Longhorns taking a fatal blow on Monday was difficult to watch, just like it was difficult to hear the brokenness in the voice of former defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after the BYU disaster in 2013.

Longhorns fans will be the worse off for it, too — Strong won’t appear in Bedford’s stead and neither will any other coaches.

That just leaves offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert’s availability as the only one among the coaches after Strong makes his Monday appearance. To make things worse, the architect of the Texas veer-and-shoot attack has no interest in providing any comments of interest or substance. Just a master class in coach-speak.

Might as well cancel his press conference, too, and save him the clearly wasted time.