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Daily Round Up: Today’s Word Is Herman

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For Cripes Sake, Strong Is Still The Head Coach

Why wait? Texas will wait to fire Charlie Strong because Tom Herman.

Strong is in a situation he knows all too well. “Strong now finds himself in a situation he remembers all too well. He ran the defense for Ron Zook at Florida in 2004. Zook also was a great recruiter who was beloved by his players. But for various reasons, he couldn't string together enough wins.”

We might as well give Tom Herman the job.

Trending Texas

Texas should always be the underdog. So far, that role has worked for the Horns.

No one will see the game now. The Iowa State game will be telecast on the LHN.

Remember that Texas-Notre Dame game? Sweet, wasn’t it?

Red McCombs is back in the news. "Don't tell me you can't fire someone in the middle of the season," McCombs said. "But if they decide it's over, it doesn't do anybody any good to drag it out."

Baneful Bears

In news that will surprise no one, implementing Title IX reforms did not go well at Baylor. Patty Crawford was hired to improve Baylor's Title IX system after the recent scandals; she just quit her job. So much for that.

Baylor just doing Baylor things. Rape survivor Brenda Tracy was asked to speak about her assault to the BU football team and an assistant coach questioned her visit and denied there was a rape culture at Baylor.

If you had any doubts about Art Briles’ character, this should help.

To Expand Or Not Expand, That Is The Question

Believe it or not, Big 12 expansion is still a thing. Everything could come to a head at the mid-October league meeting.

Should the Big 12 have chosen Louisville over West Virginia?

Read Optional

Is LSU a better job than Texas? All things considered, Texas is the better route to the college football playoffs.

Someone has way too much time on their hands. The Sooners recreated Roy Williams’ superman play in Legos.