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DI reportedly considering early signing period in football

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This could have a fairly significant impact on the recruiting landscape.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

If a new model introduced by the Division I Council is adopted, high school football prospects will soon have the luxury of two early signing periods, which would be during two, 72-hour periods beginning on the Last Wednesday in June and in mid-December.

The proposal would focus on four areas, in particular:

  • Camps and clinics.
  • Revisiting the recruiting calendar.
  • Regulatory employment of individuals associated with prospects.
  • Coaching limits.

According to the report, the model is intended on providing recruits with greater transparency throughout the recruiting process.

“The working group did a deep dive on recruiting from beginning to end, and I think what we came up with as a proposal is both student-athlete-friendly and coach- and staff-friendly,” Bob Bowlsby, chair of the Football Oversight Committee and commissioner of the Big 12 Conference said, per “We hit a sweet spot.”

If the new model is ultimately approved, it will be implemented for the 2017-18 signing year.

The current signing period is the first Wednesday of February, which has become the popular event known as National Signing Day.

The full update from the NCAA can be read here.