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Daily Round Up: It Ain’t Nothing But False Hope

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Trending Texas

This is Sterlin Gilbert’s first RRS rodeo. “When you get here and talk to former players and former coaches and guys that are currently here, our players and our coaches, they share a lot of the experiences and what the expectations are and what the environment sets on Saturday” Gilbert said.

Last year’s win over the Land Thieves was nothing but false hope. Remember the great photo of Charlie Strong pointing and wearing the Golden Hat trophy? Remember the players stepping up so Strong wouldn’t get fired? Texas is right back in the same spot again this year.

Being a freshman QB at Texas is not all it is cracked up to be. “You’re an 18, 19-year-old kid that doesn’t really know too much what you’re getting into,” David Ash said. “You’ve heard stories of what it’s like, but nothing can really prepare you for it.”

Charlie Strong’s tenure it starting to look a lot like former OU coach John Blake’s time at OU.

Warning: this article can cause depression, nausea, headache and vomiting. Nobis60 breaks down the OSU game and it ain’t pretty.

Baneful Baylor

Patty Crawford vs. Baylor. Patty Crawford, Baylor’s Title IX coordinator, quit and BU claimed she wanted a large settlement and to retain any book and movie rights. Crawford was interviewed on CBS and said, "I think Baylor set me up to fail, from the beginning, in November 2014. I continued to work very hard, and the harder I worked the more resistance I received from senior leadership.” The full interview is here.

Read Optional

Why are schools now firing coaches during the season? Money and pressure.

First the NFL, now the NCAA. A former UCLA football captain is suing the school and the PAC 12 over concussions he received during his collegiate career.

North Carolina’s kicker got feedback from #FSUTwitter about his 54-yard field goal to give the Tarheels a 37-35 win.

It is what it is. UCLA head coach Jim Mora called the officiating criminal and was reprimanded by the PAC 12.

Donald Trump is tearing the NFL apart. Let’s just say there are serious disagreements about the candidate.

The answer to this question is HELL YES.