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Daily Round Up: Strong Can Clean Up The Mess

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Trending Texas

Eight is the number. Sources tell Chip Brown (the man that thought we were definitely going to the PAC) that Strong needs to go 8-4 to even think about saving his job.

We all knew what we were getting into. Texas knew what they were getting in Charlie Strong and Strong knew what type of program he was inheriting from Mack Brown.

Jake Oliver has added another threat to the receiving corps.

History suggests that Strong can fix the defensive mess this season.

The Only Game On Saturday

It’s always fun to sneak up on the Land Thieves when they least expect it.

If you are in New York, this viewing party should be fun. Watch the Red River Showdown with Jermichael Finley on a 3-story screen.

Former Sooner Brian Bosworth wants OU to move on from Bob Stoops. "But it’s not only what you do during the season that matters. It’s how you finish the season in bowl games. And what we’re doing over the course of these seven to eight years is we’re getting embarrassed in the bowl games.”

How well do you know your state fair fried food?

Baneful Bears

Former Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford isn’t finished with Baylor.

Ken Starr takes Baylor’s former Title IX coordinator’s criticism seriously. "I have to [take it seriously]. I take all criticism that is made in good faith seriously, and Patty is a very good person," he said.

Another one of Art Briles’ fine, upstanding young men has been arrested again. Former BU offensive lineman Rami Hammad was arrested on Wednesday on two counts of criminal trespassing. Two months ago he was arrested on a stalking charge and suspended from the university.

Read Optional.

There’s a fight to save Johnny Manziel’s life. Vanity Fair’s article weaves a tale of Manziel’s talent and self-destruction. We love to make fun of Aggies but this is heartbreaking.