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Texas AD Mike Perrin: No ‘magic number’ of wins for HC Charlie Strong

This is consistent with previous stances from Perrin.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

How many wins does Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong need to return for the 2017 season?

One report argues that Strong needs to win six of the final eight regular-season games to reach eight wins in order to avoid termination.

On Friday, however, athletic director Mike Perrin reiterated his position from March in which he said that there was no “magic number” of wins for Strong to keep his job.

“I want to see an improved program,” he said.

Instead, Perrin echoed president Greg Fenves in giving strong a vote of confidence.

"I support Charlie Strong,” Perrin said. “He's my coach. He's a friend. I respect him as a man."

Asked specifically about reaching eight wins and whether that would represent the needed improvement, Perrin got a little cheeky.

"Eight wins, from a math-major standpoint, would be 3 more than last year," he said.


Furthermore, Perrin confirmed reports that the ‘Horns won’t make an in-season coaching change.

"That's something I've never considered,” Perrin said.

As for any long-term decisions, Perrin dodged a precise answer.

"I really can't speculate or answer hypothetical questions about what might be put before us late in the year."