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Daily Round Up: Moms Are The Best

Like Malik Jefferson? You will love his mom.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Do you love Malik Jefferson? Wait until you meet his mother. “If they call and tell me Malik was dirty and failed a drug test, i’d probably fall flat out,” she added. “Y’all would probably be writing about me. Malik’s mom came down here with a triple-sized U-Haul truck and picked him up.”

Texas players really do believe they can do this. It has been a while since we’ve seen this.

Shane Buechele stays calm under pressure. “I’ll tell you what: He’s smooth,” said WVU defensive coordinator Tony Gibson. “For a young kid, he doesn’t get rattled. Obviously spring ball helped him being there on campus. He’s a good fit for what they do with him.”

Shaka Smart just keeps piling up the talent. Smart is putting together an impressive roster with the addition of three high school basketball standouts.

Eric Davis is turning into a team leader. “If I need to be the best teammate and cheer, then I’ll be a leader in that. So I look at it like that. Whatever role I need to do that night, I need to dominate that role. That’s going to eventually lead to our success.”

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Who is worse after their respective scandal? Baylor of Penn St.? It is a trick question; both are horrendous.