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Daily Round Up: Tom Herman, Tom Herman and Tom Herman

Today has Tom Herman written all over it.

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Tulsa v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Horns can become bowl eligible with a win over Kansas.

Lifetime Longhorn Brian Jones is pulling for Charlie Strong to keep his job, but it all depends on next week’s game against TCU. And once again, Tom Herman’s name is coming up.

Sentiment is swinging in Strong’s favor. “Whether those odds are 50-50 or slightly higher for both coaches, there’s no doubt the script has flipped over the last few weeks as discontent has grown in College Station and the administration at Texas has talked itself into rooting for Strong to close with wins against Kansas and TCU.”

Read optional.

Iowa State helped change college football forever.

UH coach Tom Herman has a fabulous record as an underdog.

Want to read more about our future head coach? SB Nation has compiled everything you need to know about Tom Herman.

Good news! Les Miles is on Baylor’s short list. So, no worries about any grass eating head coach in Austin.

Sooner RB Najee Bissoon steps up to stop hate language on campus.

Enough about Art Briles. “Enough. At this point, people should stop worrying about Briles and his reputation. It's time to start talking about and caring for the victims of these heinous crimes. That remains on the back burner. That has to change. “