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The SMO: Charlie Strong made me proud to be a Texas Longhorn

NCAA Football: Texas El Paso at Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of what was undoubtedly the worst loss for Texas football since Route 66 in 1997, there is universal consensus about next steps for the program.

I could write about Charlie Strong’s job status this morning, but the content market is saturated with reports and columns discussing the matter. I have nothing of value to add.

Here is what I will say about Strong: He made me proud to be a Texas Longhorn.

Strong may not have delivered the on-field product we have all come to expect in Austin, but he was a phenomenal representative of the University. He did not torpedo the program in scandal. There were no accusations of cheating on or off the field. He never portrayed himself like a petulant child on the sidelines. He held his players accountable and was beloved by the men on his team.

If Strong’s only fault is not winning enough games in three years, he can hold his head high.

On Tuesday, I will return home to Austin for Thanksgiving. I look forward to Friday afternoon at DKR -- where Texas fans will, potentially, have one final chance to thank Charlie for three years of honorable service. Regardless of what happens this week, Strong has earned thousands of lifelong fans in Austin.

Texas football will endure. Another coach will come in and have a chance to win quickly with a bunch of talented underclassmen at his disposal. The future is still bright.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones, an avid Texas fan, said it best: The Texas program is better for Charlie Strong’s time there — but, for better or worse, that time is up.

All things must come to an end. Thanks, Coach Strong.