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Game Wrap Up: It’s Over

The Kansas game was bad.

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NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports
Texas is really bad.

You can read this or just watch cat videos. Whatever makes you happy.

No decision has been made, but the writing is on the wall.

Texas hasn’t lost to Kansas since 1938. Everyone agrees Strong is done. “Charlie Strong will walk away with $10 million and no doubt in his mind that he deserved to be fired, and Texas won’t have to feel guilty about doing what needed to be done.”

The program is now in desperate need of direction. “But Herman will have to stamp out the same virus that has infected the current Longhorns -- entitlement, lack of effort. You don't lose to Kansas without facing those accusations."

The Notre Dame win was misleading. “That would turn into the most misleading result of the 2016 season. Notre Dame’s porous defense and inconsistent offense has left it at 4–7 with losses to NC State, Navy and Duke.”

The upside of the Kansas victory? “Yet we also can look at Kansas’ 24-21 overtime win over Texas and feel joy, for the parched did drink. The Jayhawks, so hapless, helpless and hopeless, finally finished their two-year crawl across the Big 12 victory desert, whereupon their announced crowd of 25,673 did manage to produce enough of a trickle onto the field to form a worthy victory blob.”

This is just heartbreaking.