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Daily Round Up: Texas Firings Are A Sloppy Mess

UT has a penchant for bizarre, prolonged dramas.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Strong press conference, November 21, 2016.

No matter how the Strong situation plays out, it will be a sloppy, public mess. Texas seems to have a penchant for “bizarre, prolonged, public firings.”

Strong lobbied for his job at Monday’s presser. “At one point, when asked if he would retain himself as the Longhorns’ football coach if placed in the position of the school president, Strong replied: “I would.”

Strong handled the press conference like the pro he is. “Charlie handled that press conference like a true pro. I thought he was very dignified in the face of a tough situation, and it's easy to see why players love him and recruits flock to him.”

What went wrong and why? “People who spend time working with Strong like him and want him to succeed. So many people wanted this to work. But for whatever reason, it just didn't.”

Strong believes that a TCU win will carry some weight. "I don't really think so," Strong said, when asked if he believed a decision about his future had been made. "I'd like not to think it has, because I've been told they would make the decision after the TCU game. I don't believe it has been done."

It will be expensive to buy out Strong’s contract, but when has money ever been an issue for Texas? “Strong, who is currently the sixth highest paid coach in the country making $5,200,130 per year, would be owed a $10 million buyout from Texas. While a sizable amount for most programs, nothing is too extreme when it comes to the Longhorns’ deep pockets.”

Texas is one college football team loaded with talent. “Texas is one of 12 college football teams loaded with some serious talent. “The national champion will almost certainly be from this group: The 13 teams to reach the blue-chip threshold this year are Alabama, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Notre Dame, Florida State, Michigan, Auburn, UCLA, Texas A&M, Georgia, Clemson, and Texas.”

At least the new coach will inherit a favorable recruiting situation. “The new Texas coach is going to get a pretty sweet gig from a talent and recruiting standpoint. And what’s more, the new guy will be able to put that talent to use against the least talented competition of any Power 5 league. It’s likely he’ll be able to do what Charlie Strong could not: win.”

Charlie Strong’s eulogy by Matthew McConaughey.

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