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Daily Round Up: Tom Herman

What else would we talk about today?

Lamar v Houston Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Tom Herman talked to the media the day before Strong was fired and said that the reports of his leaving were false. “But, the players who he recruited there and was, by his own account, lying to until the day before he left them are now stuck there with whoever Houston hires to replace him. Herman can bolt for Texas, where he’s probably already started recruiting, while if the players want to transfer they have to sit out a year.”

Herman cleaned up Friday. “Herman's contract is a five-year deal worth more than $5 million per year with escalators that will make the final year worth over $6 million, per Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman.”

Alignment. Herman’s first order of business is alignment. Herman believes that everyone involved in the program must buy into the vision, "from your assistant coaches to your strength staff to your support staff to your training room to the academic people to the expectations."

Herman is no different than Charlie Strong three years ago. “The hiring of former Houston coach Tom Herman hopefully plays out to be a major score for Texas, but this should be a place that attracts Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, or a Chip Kelly rather than an up and comer. Make no mistake, Herman is an up and comer no different than Charlie Strong was three years ago.”

Oh Tom, you are so naive... Herman thinks he is ready for the pressure at Texas. “Things look and sound good now, but Herman will want to remember that Texas has a board of regents that hasn't been afraid to meddle in athletics. It was impatient board members and influential donors who worked tried to lure Alabama's Nick Saban while Mack Brown was still the Longhorns coach in 2013.”

The Charlie Strong era is over. ““When I took this job three years ago, I came here for a number of reasons. I came here to win a national championship and I came here to change lives. When I took the job I felt like I knew I would impact the players inside that locker room. It was more than just that. I looked at it as having a chance to impact society. When you’re at the top one percent of the one percent, which this is, at an unbelievable university, you have a chance to impact a minority who wants to be CEO at IBM or wants to be CFO or a major corporation. I felt that when I had success here, that would carry on, and they would have those opportunities.”

This morning I set up my Google alert for Tom Herman. I’m sad. I wish Herman all the best, but Strong will be missed. Strong is a good man, a good coach and he was great for our University.