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Daily Round Up: Charlie Strong Never Stood A Chance

Strong did not enjoy glad-handing.

TCU v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Charlie Strong never stood a chance. “What made things even tougher for Strong is that he is not a hail-fellow-well-met the way Brown was throughout his coaching career. Brown actually enjoyed glad-handing with alumni and was always media-friendly. Strong did what he was told he had to do and nothing more. His job, he believed, was to coach the football team.”

Tom Herman isn’t into all that macho college football culture. “How do you motivate a human being to do things against his own nature?” Herman said in an interview. “There’s two things: love and fear. And to me, love wins every time.”

Herman could win it all, just not in 2017.

How much did it cost to get Herman? “Coaching changes are expensive propositions, and this one will be no different for the Longhorns. To fire Charlie Strong, pay off his assistants’ contracts and close out Herman’s deal with Houston could cost Texas an estimated $19 million.”

Everyone is still curious about Herman’s hiring timeline. “Herman did acknowledge accepting the Texas job at 4 a.m. Saturday following a meeting with Texas officials that began at 10:30 p.m. He said he got a phone call when he landed in Houston following a loss to Memphis on Friday. "It took that long to figure it out," Herman said of the meeting.”

Where will Charlie Strong end up? Strong could be a candidate for Ole Miss defensive coordinator.

Meet Tom Herman’s wife, Michelle. Mrs. Herman needs some coaching in social media management and public relations. This is Texas, not Cougar High.

Who is Baylor’s next head coach?

Dennis Franchione left another football program in disarray. Pity the poor guy that took when he retired a couple of years ago.