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WATCH: Insane run by Texas RB D’Onta Foreman results in 100-yard fumble return TD by Texas Tech



Another in a long line of unfortunate events for Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong, a near touchdown run on an incredible effort from running back D’Onta Foreman resulted in a touchdown return on the ensuing fumble for the Texas Tech Red Raiders:

Foreman’s run nearly converted a 3rd and 24 after a touchdown pass out of the 18-Wheeler package was negated by a chop block called on right guard Kent Perkins.

Replays didn’t clearly show whether Foreman extended the ball over the goal line before Texas Tech’s Douglas Coleman ripped it out for the game-changing play.

Longhorns wide receiver Devin Duvernay used his 10.27 100-meter speed to nearly chase down Coleman from across the field, actually forcing Coleman to step out of bounds before the goal line:

The officials didn’t review that end of the play, so it stood, with the Red Raiders taking a 23-14 lead.

What an incredible swing of emotion on one play — from the high of Foreman’s remarkable effort, with help from this teammates, to utter disbelief.