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LOOK: Former Tech player forced to wear burnt orange after losing bet to Texas Ex Malcolm Brown

Just a friendly wager between Los Angeles Rams teammates.

Texas v Texas Tech

Rivalry games in college football — or rivalry-ish games like Texas vs. Tech — can often produce bets between NFL teammates, as happened recently with Los Angeles Rams players Malcolm Brown and Bradley Marquez.

Brown is a Texas alum and Marquez played for Texas Tech, so they decided on a wager forcing the loser to wear the opposing team’s colors.

Thanks to the 45-37 win by the Longhorns over the Red Raiders on Saturday, it was Marquez who had the endure the humiliation of wearing burnt orange:

Poor Marquez. The dude just has no luck against Texas — in the wide receiver’s four years in Lubbock, the Red Raiders went 0-4 against the ‘Horns.

Guess this makes 0-5, right?