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Daily Round Up: Strong Doesn’t Have Any Regrets

That image is so, so wrong.

NCAA Football: South Florida-Charlie Strong Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The UT Volleyball team is back in the title mix this season. But even as he prepares to lead the Longhorns to their fifth consecutive Final Four and their eighth in the last nine seasons, Elliott said the excitement generated by making another trip to the national semifinals has not diminished.

"I still can't believe it," Elliott said. "I always think it's going to be my last one."

Charlie Strong doesn’t have any regrets about his time in Austin. Strong called his three years at Texas a great experience, “and it’s one I’ll never forget.” He was not asked about the Longhorns during the press conference. During an interview afterward with ESPN, Strong said, “I would go do it again. I do not regret it at all.”

Texas got an A! No hire is a slam dunk, though. Herman’s Houston did lose a couple of games it shouldn’t have this year (balance for winning a couple of games it shouldn’t have a year ago), and the 41-year-old now takes over maybe the biggest job in the country with just two years of head coaching experience. We have no idea about his long-term program building skills. But he has a lot going for him. A lot.

What does Strong’s failure at Texas say about black coaches in Power 5 conference jobs? While Longhorn Nation was disappointed in his showing, the black community pondered whether we would see Strong on a sideline as a head coach again. History suggested it might be awhile.

This is just weird. Look for USF to be stacked with former Longhorn coaches.

Are you looking for a new house? Buy Charlie’s.

We’re going bowling this weekend! Non eof the Big 12 teams are playing, but at least it is college football.