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Daily Round Up: Sooners Being Sooners

Oklahoma State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Who will win more games next season? Tom Herman at Texas or Charlie Strong at South Florida?

Let us hope Todd Orlando responds well to pressure. “Fans will expect instant results, too, considering the entire UT defense returns almost intact.”

Charlie Strong gets to go to a bowl game after all.

Shaka Smart has a young team but it’s time to grow up. “It is a learned quality to be able to take adversity, to take hard times and not get down and not be bummed out and not feel sorry for yourself,” Smart said. “That’s something you have to learn. It’s called growing up. It’s called maturing. It’s called being a man.”

Video of Joe Mixon punching a female in 2014 was finally released. “The gay dude...he called me something,” Mixon told police in the video. “He was like [expletive]. So then I was like, you got me messed up. And then I called him a [expletive]. And after that, the girl, she dropped her purse, that's when she came in my face, pushed me, and then my glasses came off, and then, like, I had, like, jumped at her, like, to watch out. And then she came in my face. I put my head down. And she swung on me. And after that, like, I was so shocked, because she hit me so hard. It felt like a dude hit me. And after that, like, my face went boom, my reaction was just right there.”

SI’s Lindsay Schnell and Jake Trotter discuss Joe Mixon. I applaud Paul Finebaum for his thoughts on this.