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Daily Round Up: Today’s Bowl Schedule Sucks.

The schedule is full of six and seven-loss teams.

UNLV v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Shaka Smart is on a crusade. “As much as people might want to believe in what kind of men's basketball program Smart is building at Texas, he understands it will be a whole lot easier if he can give them some proof. And although he continues to preach the importance of valuing the process instead of the results, not even Smart denies he and his team need to show more of the latter.”

Today’s bowl schedule is just the worst. The pathetic broadcasts start at 11am.

Go Broncos!!!!!! Boise State plays Baylor Friday night. Everyone meet here for a fun game thread full of Bear bashing.

Fox Sports takes a journey through Aggie bowl history. I have no idea why.

Some of the new head coaches have been put in a position to fail. “These are the moves which might work out, but should generally be viewed with a lot more skepticism. For one reason or another, these new coaching hires just don’t offer much hope at first glance.”

Everyone’s favorite grad Matthew McConaughey appeared on Seth Meyer’s show to talk about his teaching gig at UT.