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Daily Round Up: Oh, Bears. Really?

You hired a guy that played for Paterno and testified against a Penn ST whistle-blower.

AAC Championship - Temple v Navy
You will be doing a lot of that in Waco.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t even know what to say to this so I won’t comment.

Tom Herman was born in Ohio and supposedly that is a good thing. “That’s right. Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops is an Ohioan.”

Herman is promising big things. “Tom Herman will build his Texas program on a few different ideals, one of them being his team will prepare and train to be an elite outfit capable of conquering adversity.”

The men’s basketball team plays Michigan tonight.

The Baylor men’s basketball team may be this season’s biggest surprise. “Baylor is on pace to surpass the accomplishments of last year’s 22-win team despite the departures of Taurean Prince, Rico Gathers and Lester Medford. The unbeaten Bears (8-0) have climbed from unranked before the season to No. 4 in the latest AP poll by defeating five opponents in the top 50 of Ken Pomeroy’s ratings, an achievement no other team in the country has come close to matching.”

Some former Baylor grads want a new investigation and transparency. "If you have lingering distrust, we're damaging our university by death by a thousand cuts," Williams said. "We need to move forward by having full transparency. That way, everybody can put this behind them and start the healing process."

This hire is so appropriate for you, Bears. BU’s new coach played football for Paterno and he testified against his former teammate who ended up suing Penn St. He’ll fit right in!

If the BCS would have given us the same teams, why did we go to all the trouble of creating a playoff? “One great thing about the BCS: We knew the exact recipe, even if the ingredients were bad, and thus we can still simulate it, because all the stuff still exists.”