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Big 12 coaches, staffers high on 2016 Texas Longhorns signees

Five individual players and a whole position group received mention.

Shane Buechele
Shane Buechele
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As part of a yearly tradition, ESPN reached out to more than 15 Big 12 coaches and staffers to get some anonymous, inside perspective on their favorite prospects in the 2016 recruiting class.

Since the Texas Longhorns landed the consensus top class in the conference, it wasn't surprising to see a handful of 2016 signees mentioned in the group:

Texas QB Shane Buechele: "Has all the qualities to be a great quarterback, both on and off the field."

Texas DT Chris Daniels: "Daniels will be a good player. He has size, explosiveness, he's able to separate off his blocks. There aren't a lot of guys out there like that."

Texas LB Erick Fowler: "Fast twitch and acceleration. He's one of those Von Miller-type guys. Not overly tall, but built well. When he wanted to play, s---, he couldn't be blocked."

Texas S Brandon Jones: "Love him. He plays in space well. When his team needed him on offense, he was such a team guy. Big guy who can run, and I think he's got real good intelligence and 10.5 or 10.6 100 speed."

Texas RB Kyle Porter: "He's very good. He was very professional. He knew exactly what he was looking for, which is good. And he's a hell of a player."

Texas' entire defensive line class: "Texas cleaned house on the defensive line. If all those kids qualify, their D-line coach will be smoking cigarettes and relaxing on the sideline for the next three, four years."

Linebackers coach/recruiting coordinator Brian Jean-Mary expects all 24 of the 2016 signees for Texas to qualify barring "unforeseen circumstances," so the current hope is that defensive line coach Brick Haley will have a chance to coach all seven defensive line prospects. As for smoking cigarettes on the sideline and relaxing? Well, that seems less likely.