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Baylor OG Rami Hammad seemingly thinks Texas players regret not going to Baylor

Okay, dude.

Rami Hammad during his burnt orange phase in 2013
Rami Hammad during his burnt orange phase in 2013
Courtesy of Hammad

One of the late additions to the 2013 Texas Longhorns recruiting class and the first major attrition of the Joe Wickline era was Irving offensive guard Rami Hammad, who transferred to the Baylor Bears in 2014. Now, Hammad apparently took the recent departures of several defensive backs as an opportunity to trash his former school, sending this tweet out via his protected account shortly after safety Adrian Colbert announced that he intends to transfer after his graduation this May:

While Colbert was originally a Baylor pledge before flipping to Texas late in the process, there was nothing about his heartfelt goodbye message that would cause anyone to suspect he regrets his decision.

So what is Hammad talking about here? None of the three departures really hurt the Longhorns, as Colbert and cornerback Bryson Echols both only had one season of eligibility remaining and weren't likely to break into the rotation with so many talented young players on campus or set to arrive on June. Same for sophomore Jermaine Roberts, who was equally unlikely to play.

Is it possible that some older players still don't want to play for head coach Charlie Strong and would rather be in Waco? I guess so. If so, they're welcome to leave, preferably as soon as possible. I would even personally support full releases for any of those players to transfer to Baylor if that's what they want.

Is it likely that any of the young players actually feel this way? Not based on the way that players like Malik Jefferson, Charles Omenihu, and DeShon Elliott interact with Strong. Key members of the 2016 class like No. 1 safety Brandon Jones chose Austin over Waco.

Given Wickline's track record of running players off with his personality, both at Texas and at Oklahoma State, it's hard to begrudge Hammad the decision that he made. But even if he's right here, the odds of any of the players he's talking about being critical to the future of the Longhorns are extremely low.

The players who took the field in the stormtrooper road Texas uniforms last December in Waco didn't exactly look like they would have rather been in green and gold. So let's just ride with those guys, eh?

[Update]: Former Texas cornerback Quandre Diggs had the perfect response to Hammad's tweet:

Not a newsflash here, but Diggs is still the best.