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WATCH: Texas F Connor Lammert hits three to help ice win vs. Baylor

Connor! The Dagger!

Like most of the shots from Texas Longhorns senior forward Connor Lammert on Monday evening, the three pointer in a crucial moment with under 50 seconds remaining and the Horns clinging to a three-point lead against the Baylor Bears in Waco left his lands confidently, truly, and purely.

Like five of his seven attempts, in fact. It wasn't quite wet, but it hit that determined deep pocket of the net with the slightest bit of rim. Forcefully pure. Forecefully determined, confident, prepared. For a guy whose biggest impediment had always been pre-shot preparation and confidence, it was emblematic of Lammert's growth.

Like the game was emblematic of overall Longhorns growth under Shaka Smart.

Like all of the Texas field goals on the evening, it came on an assist from a teammate, an incredible accomplishment that showcased the team's cohesion and preparation in taking out No. 15-ranked Baylor on the road.

Click back to the front page and look at that picture. Squared with a pure elbow, gentle guide hand, and confident extension.

Again, like five of his seven attempts, at the least.

The 15 points tied Lammert's career high in one of his best performances at Texas, combined as it was with five rebounds and three assists of his own, yet only two personal fouls that allowed him to play 33 minutes. One of his best performances at Texas like a lot of recent performances by Texas players.

Like the season high in assists from junior point guard Isaiah Taylor, a milestone reached on that very play.

Sublime. Forcefully sublime.

Ecstatic, in fact, at least to the Texas walk ons.