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Texas HC Charlie Strong releases statement about Louisville divorce case

"I do want Longhorns fans and supporters to know that this will not affect my focus in any way."

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, new broke that a motion to subpoena Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong was filed in Kentucky as part of a divorce case involving University of Louisville trustee Johnathan Blue and his wife, Tracy. On Sunday, Strong issued a statement addressing the situation.

"I was recently given information regarding a marital dispute between a couple I know in Louisville," Strong said. "I am not a party to their divorce and have received no court order in this case. I certainly respect the legal system, and if I do receive a court order, I will review it and respond then.

"Since this is a legal case, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to say anything further at this time. I do want Longhorns fans and supporters to know that this will not affect my focus in any way. My number one priority is getting this team ready to compete at the highest level. We are doing that now and will continue to do so."

On Sunday evening, Texas athletic director Mike Perrin released his own statement.

"I've spoken with Charlie about the recent media reports and he will keep me apprised of this situation," Perrin said. "I am confident Charlie will remain focused on the Longhorns moving forward. He is doing an outstanding job as our head coach and I continue to support those efforts as he prepares for the 2016 season."

Strong may have to give a deposition and turn over documentation related to the case.

From WDRB:

Oldfather requests Strong produce his cell phones -- "for the purpose of downloading all text messages" - his phone bills from 2012 to present, and all correspondence exchanged between Strong and Tracy Blue and with anyone else about her.

In addition, Oldfather requests "the Movado watch given" to Strong by Tracy Blue and all clothing and jewelry she gave to him. The motion also requests Strong's calendars from 2012 to present and all records of his air travel, including tickets and flight confirmations.

Here's some more information about what's going on:

Strong became the Texas head coach in January of 2014 after coaching Louisville since late 2009.