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Texas HC Charlie Strong will not testify in divorce case

Johnathan and Tracy Blue have reached a settlement.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong won't have to give a deposition or turn over any items or records in the divorce case between a University of Louisville booster and his wife, as the two sides reportedly came to a settlement on Wednesday evening:

Here's the statement from the attorney:

"Late (Wednesday) night, Jonathan and Tracy Blue signed a Marital Settlement Agreement, resolving all issues between them. We have consistently limited our filings and comments to the minimum in respect of Jonathan's daughters. For that reason, we will not comment further on what the proof would have revealed, except to say that Jonathan's offers to Tracy Blue both prior to and after the recent media publicity were always fair and more than generous despite the pre-nuptial agreement between the parties."

A Kentucky judge had been scheduled to hand down a Friday ruling on whether or not Strong would have to lend his testimony to the proceedings.

Here's what the attorney for Johnathan Blue wanted from Strong:

Oldfather requests Strong produce his cell phones -- "for the purpose of downloading all text messages" - his phone bills from 2012 to present, and all correspondence exchanged between Strong and Tracy Blue and with anyone else about her.

In addition, Oldfather requests "the Movado watch given" to Strong by Tracy Blue and all clothing and jewelry she gave to him. The motion also requests Strong's calendars from 2012 to present and all records of his air travel, including tickets and flight confirmations.

While the news surely comes as a relief for Strong and his family, it likely represents a disappointment to those factions that wanted to paint the Texas head coach in an adulterous light and question his adherence to the five core values that provide the foundation for his belief system.

Since Strong's involvement in the now-dissolved marriage of Johnathan and Tracy Blue won't become a matter of public record, it's impossible to know whether there was any merit to the insinuations made by the husband that Strong had an affair with his wife.

Likewise, Texas fans won't ever truly know those personal aspects of Strong's life, but now all the rampant accusations and speculation should come to a stop for lack of ammunition.