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Texas G Kerwin Roach honored as one of CBB's best leapers on Leap Day

Just go ahead and spend the rest of your day watching the Longhorns freshman dunk.

For Texas Longhorns fans paying attention -- and reading Burnt Orange Nation -- the leaping ability of freshman guard Kerwin Roach was already well known before he even played a game in burnt orange, but it didn't take him long to receive some national attention for his dunks, culminating on Monday with Campus Insiders including him among Leap Day's Best College Basketball Leapers.

Since just one dunk doesn't do Roach's leaping ability justice, so let's go back through the timeline of how he proved himself as one of the most explosive players in the country.

It all started back in late September when a video surfaced on Twitter of Roach showing off his ability to touch the top of the backboard:

That's levitation, holmes.

Not all great leapers can translate those skills to game situations, however. Roach is not one of those players, and proved it in early December with a vicious slam against UTSA that attracted national attention and was widely hailed as one of the best dunks of the year to that point:

There have been plenty of dunks by Roach between early December and the current moment (including the dunk against Applachian State highlighted by Campus Insiders), but the most recent slam provided the exclamation point and final score on the 22-0 run that buried Oklahoma at the Erwin Center on Saturday:

Somehow there's still a roof on the Erwin Center after that play, but from the sound of things, it barely survived.

Since Longhorn Network loves you and whats you to be happy, here's their own quick highlight video of his best dunks:


Of course, we should have all seen this coming because there was evidence of Roach abusing opponents before he ever made it to Austin:

Now it's time to wait for the next incredible slam from the Texas freshman. With No. 1 Kansas visiting Austin on Monday evening, the burnt orange faithful may not need to wait long.